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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Today's Zen Meditation:

Sunday, November 26, 2006

It's Banantacular!

The term “Meme”, coined in 1976 by Richard Dawkins refers to a unit of cultural information that is transferable from one mind to another. Moreover, it has been suggested that memes evolve using the same process of natural selection that animals are subject to.

Case in point, the bananaphone.

Groucho Marx was the first person to be caught on film using a banana as a phone. Since that point, putting a banana to your ear has always been interpreted as an act of humor, regardless of the culture that you are in. Thus, the bananaphone meme was born.

Much like a virus, the bananaphone spent a long time in its hibernating state. Also like a virus, many were unsure at this time whether the meme was alive or dead. However, the bananaphone meme was reborn in 1994 and has since been able to reproduce it’s self in pandemic proportions.

In 1994, the album Banana Phone was released by the Canadian children’s artist Raffi. The title track, Banana Phone, is a catchy little ditty about the coolness and usefulness of the bananaphone. Similar to a banana phoenix, the bananaphone was consumed by fire and reborn out of its own ashes. Undoubtedly, it was the smoke emanating from the peel that has spread over the digital community to induce fear and respect for the bananaphone ever since.

This new incarnation of the bananaphone meme has shown to be both a creative and destructive force; the properties required to reside on the eighth point of the majikal star in our year of Eris 2012.

As the end of history approaches, evidence can be seen of humankind grasping for the bananaphone in an attempt to use the powers of the eighth point to lift them up to the saucers. See tree diagram.

However, we are not trying to influence your opinion. We are simply trying to influence your opinion. Investigate the following links and tell us how we are doing. Our bananaphone lines are open and gorillas are standing by.

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Featured werk ov: Johnny Beaver

r u s t

these early evenings,
my windows are florally
frozen over
-12 in the shade;

smoking and lime-coloured
& 5 hour old pasta dishes
that seem to regenerate themselves
in the sink.

these early evenings | while the madder men
swing from steel cables
and make me think that maybe
I'm missing something.

I am and
I am not
but sleeping with my eyes open
& writing the same poem
over and over again.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

and now...Leftist Politics

In the wake of the November 7th poll results, the staff here at BigAlDente Blogazine takes a turn for the political, with the introduction of our first overtly political coverage content. As of November 9th, word has trickled into the windstreams via Style Transfer Protocol that the very first Democrat politician has thrown his proverbial hat in the ring for the 2008 presidency. That Democrat is Iowa governor Tom Vilsack. What is his platform? What claims does he make concerning his plans for the United States? What, pray tell, is the deal with Tom Vilsack? The answer: We have no earthly idea. He has been picked by our staff for no other reason than he was the first, and our STP operators happened to notice. It should be noted that Republican Duncan Hunter of California has also announced his intentions for the presidential race, but our coin (as well as the national election) came up tails so we’re going left.

Vilsack, we hope, will provide us with postable content as we follow his story, while simultaneously launching a full scale investigation into how he is involved with the eight pointed star structure. Projections will be made, extrapolations will be calculated.

So far what we know is this: He is the Governor of Iowa. Our research department has also found that, among the ten democratic picks for president in ’08, he places dead last in favor ranking, with 1% of polled democrats favoring his Corn Flakes over Cheerios. The front runner happens to be Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Here is our stance on Vilsack: We have picked the underdog. However, if we base our beliefs on the idea that reality is a lie, than the opposite of reality is the truth. We have just transformed our underdog—into an OverMan. We here at the Blogazine stop short of endorsing any candidate. But since our AlDente Math department discovered the OverMan Loophole, we have no problem doing the next best thing. We execute this initial show of support with the BigAlDente seal of approval: ٭