The 58th Street Manifesto

The 58th Street Manifesto: Thoughts, articles, crafted words and miscellaneous expressions. Exploring the symbolism of the eight-pointed star, and recontextualising cultural appreciation.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Genius flakes, now with more Calcium!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

A !reaction to Stimuli, Mark Eins.

silly SHIT sad//sand
inbetween your toes -- false brain
mouth and ears, a dog succumbing to [total]
total bullshit MELTDOWN | the heart-
-beat seems to be working GREAT,
but your eyes are climbing all over
her | HER EYES never knew
their daddy and now U can't
interview " the emotions " anymore
without a lawyer present :


( god forgot to mention this part )

shining the shoes
doesn't wanna work NOW! because
both ends of the arrow
grease dead wheels grey blue
brown orange
teal sea
green pink
foam champagne melon
grey blue brown
orange. . .

I'm going insane like hollywood superstars.