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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Housekeeping Note:

We have received further word from the field that firefox browsers were going cross-eyed in a vain attempt to understand the depth and complexity of what the BigAlDente Blogazine is spewing forth unto the collective media mind. For that reason, we have done a quick overhaul and have made a few minor changes with the layout. Some of the signal receptors in your brain have been rearranged as well. You will hardly notice. While you are taking the time to re-calibrate yourself to the new blogazine experience, please enjoy this following clip of musical group DNA, performing the seminal tune "Blonde Redhead". Reviewed, approved, and reccomended by editor BigAlDente.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Re-Unification theory: Featuring Johnny Beaver and the Brothers Quay

"Time makes sense of nothing". Those are the words submitted by newest Member Status Attainee Johnny Beaver (whose name can be interchanged with John E. at the sole discretion of anyone who as attained the Eighth Point).

The following work will be displayed alongside a Ten Minute version of the Epic of Gilgamesh by The Brothers Quay. Editor-In-Chief BigAlDente was in talks during a Moment of Clarity with one Agent 23 concerning the memes distilled and concentrated into a work that shows the "Several-One" constant inherent in all cultures. You are invited to digest both of the following works. You are invited to find a singularity. Time makes sense of nothing.

" nothing has really changed "

loser's get an unfriendly diet,
but it works// ends
justify the means. government wants to
give a gun to an 18
year old. government's obviously
never met one. us over here,
though... ain't got no time for
a Taurus; says the boy is gonna
get it bad, but the status
on the hero is gonna have to wait
for the haircut. hell, i'd
like to say that i'd finish this
poem before i'd get up to avoid
pissing myself... &
somehow all of this
fits together.

yes, oh but no no no.
because of? yes, no no.
yes :

proves the point.

time makes sense of nothing,
and fuckers out of us all.

And now peruse the following offering: "The Epic of Gilgamesh" or "This Unnameable Little Broom" by the Brothers Quay. Discuss.

Housekeeping note:

A field agent has reported to the I.T. staff here at the Blogazine that some browsers have been having a hard time translating the very robust Style Transfer Protocol® interface, resulting in frame crowding and loop delays and loop delays on your computer. As of now, all panels in the TransVerses Metaframe Application have been refreshed in an attempt to resolve this problem. So far, we have only seen one instance of screen fubarification due to this issue. If you or someone you love continues to experience any modification of your interface beyond the normal mind extrapolation inherent in all BigAlDente communications, please contact your local Blogazine representative by using the comment link below. We thank you for your continued patronage.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Entertainment Page: The AlDente Mash Up Spotlight

Check out this great 10 minute mashup from Youtube: