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Saturday, February 24, 2007

From the desk ov: Thee Rev. Spook

"one or none"

-by rev.spook

IT was lonely

'was'-ing cast a shadow

IT examined IT's shadow and thus became:


once 'thing'; IT realized that through 'examination'...

IT had become 2

2 being viewed was awakened to 3

IT became aware of the fact that IT was still alone

'thing' multiplied and danced about in shadow

trying to amuse IT

IT was amused

so amused was IT that IT's attention grew a toothy-grin

'thing' was soon in a quite uncomfortable state

being grinned at and pricked here and there with needle like teeth

'thing' had nowhere to run

so 'thing' looked within and found his inner 'IT'

'thing' had found the tool necessary

to evade IT's all-encompassing maw

a mighty sword appeared to 'thing'

the sword had a name...


ego broke many a tooth fending IT's bite off of 'thing'

soon IT's attention was on ego

this battle is still being fought today

only 'man' cloaked in shadow with

wit of IT and knowledge of 'thing'

...can neutralize the fight

*learn to stop identifying with 'form';

you are not your body.

*learn to stop identifying with 'thought';

you are not your mind.



Friday, February 23, 2007

Exclusive news: Vilsack drops out

Tom Vilsack, the man with the number five in his name, has dropped out of the race for President of the United States of America 2008: American Idol Miami. Was it too much to ask for a faint glimmer of hope in a society that is increasingly beset at all sides by right-wing rhetoric and leftist propaganda? Yes. Yes it was.

Recently, Tom Vilsack visited the staff here at TransVerses publishing to foreshadow his impending withdrawal. During a brief lunch break at what was scheduled to be a 14-hour interview, Mr. Vilsack signed a black and white headshot of himself with black Sharpie marker and handed it to an eagerly awaiting young child crippled by Polio. She thanked him and retreated into the darkness. Any conversation we were to have had from that point on was to be off-mic, off the record. However, I did have my Style Transfer Protocol a.v.p.m. device switched in the 'on' position, and captured his next words to me. He said, "BigAlDente, let me leave you with this one: A bird has a left wing, and a right wing, but they're just for flapping. The bird brain is in the middle." With that, he took a brief sip from his tumbler, removed his facial disguise ever so slightly, just enough to see his real eyes that lay beneath. He managed a quick wink that I was lucky enough to catch before turning my head. I then found that I was no longer in TransVerses studios, and in fact, not in Florida at all. The protective shields rose around the city, and the island began its nightly retreat below the lapping, dark surface of the Pacific ocean.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Tom Vilsack Update!

Tom Vilsack on the daily show.

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