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Saturday, October 14, 2006

A little info on the 8-pointed star

Some may extrapolate a relationship between the Blogozine 8-pointed star, and another, well, GOLDstar that one might find whilst sailing the solar wind.

We, the editing staff at BigAlDente Blogozine are here to confirm and dispell some frequently constructed theories surrounding the 8-pointed star, its uses and associations.

The editor-in-chief, BigAlDente, does profess certain genetic synchronizations that irrefutably connect him with Goldstar. However, due to some very specific NĀ© laws, coupled with licensing restrictions embedded in our usage contract with Style Transfer ProtocolĀ®, we can assure you that our 8-pointed star has only a loose association with Goldstar, its agents, meat products, and designer coffee mugs.

The 8-Pointed star will reveal itself to you.
Its 8-Points represent, in counterclockwise fashion, the point of fact, point of fiction, point of clarity, point of abstraction, point of focus, point of release, point of deletion and the wildcard point which, when accessed through Style Transfer Protocal, allows the reader to change all other points to whatever description and in whatever order desired, except the wildcard point, the point of chaos.


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