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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Support Local Music: The Vera Violets and the Best Cover Ever of Goodbye Horses

Goodbye Horses was originally written and performed by Q Lazzarus. You may recall the song from the Jonathan Demme film Silence of the Lambs during one of its more surreal moments.

The Vera Violets are currently the rock darlings of the 58th Street Manifesto. I hesitate to criticize the Tampa/St. Pete music scene that had such a great psychedelic rock band boil forth from its frothy depths, but I have yet to see anything locally that comes close. Other than the other tangentially connected bands that are side projects and other bands of the members themselves. The Scene that Celebrates Itself. As true today as it was when Chapterhouse and Ride recorded their Peel sessions.

This is the best cover ever. Click above for the rush.



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