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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Al Dente News: Someone Busts a Hole in Pablo Picasso's "The Dream"

The Picasso estate may take a cue from Andy Warhol's "Shot through Marilyn" series with the latest alteration to 20th century art. Casino owner and art collector Steve Wynn, owner of the original 1932 painting "La Reve"(The Dream)by Pablo Picasso, sold the work to a buyer for $139 million. Then he put a silver dollar sized hole in it with his elbow and said, "Oh Shit!". Our sentiments exactly.

In an obvious attempt to mimic editor BigAlDente's wild communicative gesticulations when in the spiritual "TransVerses" mode, Wynn was showing off the painting to some friends in his office. He is known to "speak with his hands", and the official story is that he was too close to the painting to avoid elbow collision. As many readers well know, to mimic the "TransVerses" gesticulations of BigAlDente has been known to cause random and unpredictable bodily and extrabodily reactions when not executed under the precise tutilage of BigAlDente. His peripheral vision may have been reduced due to this effect. However, a condition called retinitis pigmentosa, which also effects peripheral vision, has been named as a possible cause.

Wynn will not hold the buyer to the sale. He will keep the painting and fund its repair.

source: AP


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