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Monday, June 04, 2007

Disappointing debates lead internet bloggers to speculate.

nother flaccid and lifeless political debate helped to fill the air waves with styro-foam on Sunday, leaving the internet community equally flaccid. Although a couple of token reviews were compiled, the underwhelming response to the pointless debates reverberates like the ringing of perfect silence; deafening to the ears, and chilling to the soul.

The kindergarden-esq feel of the debate left some bloggers to contemplate more objective themes of this election, such as gender and race gaps. Although these are compelling topics for discussion, it leaves other questions unaddressed. For example, what can be done about the disappearing middle class in America? Why does our education remain poor, when we claim that we are aiming for ever increasingly technical and information based jobs? Why won’t Simon lighten up and, for once, side with Ms. Abdul on this one? Questions like these will continue to plague our nation until we, as a nation, can come together and fight the evil powers of the reptile gods who spawned us on this freakish and lowly lump of nickel, rock, and water. We will only have answers once we demand to speak to the giant ants who tell those reptile gods what to do!


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